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Permanent Makeup Aftercare

When you get your eyebrows done the color looks 10% darker than what it looks like after it is healed.  You will need to keep it moist with a color sealer which I give you for 5 days for the permanent makeup healing process.


I also recommend you buy colloidal silver for your permanent makeup treatment after the procedure. It is also a natural antibiotic that helps your eyebrows heal faster.


For permanent makeup aftercare generously apply the colloidal silver to the eyebrow with a cotton ball.  Allow to dry and then apply the color sealant.


Immediately after your brows are done they will have either a white or pink ring around your brows.  This is all the white blood cells rushing to the area.  Eyebrows generally do not bleed unless you have taken blood thinning medication.  I recommend NO ibuprofen or aspirin the day before and the day of coming.  There is no need to ice your eyebrows afterwards.


eyeliner 3 years laterEyeliner

Eyeliner looks 10% darker immediately after the procedure.  The color then goes lighter after the permanent makeup healing process. Half of my clients have some swelling 1-3 days and half don’t swell at all.  My numbing cream reduces the swelling.  Eyeliner does not bleed either.  A few of my clients get red bruising on parts of their eyes right after.  This depends on your skin, whether you bruise easily or not.  The bruising goes away in 1-3 days.

Your eyes are generally closed while getting your eyeliner done.  If you open your eyes, numbing cream can get in your eyes and it may be hard to see afterwards.  I tell my clients to keep their eyes closed.

Permanent makeup treatment I recommend for your permanent makeup aftercare on the eyeliner procedure is colloidal silver to help prevent infection. Put some Colloidal silver in an eye dropper then put a few drops in your eyes.  Colloidal Silver is one of my secrets to helping my clients heal faster.


I also give you a gel to keep on for 5 days for the permanent makeup aftercare.  It is good idea to wash your eyes with saline solution at least once a day.  Make sure your hands are freshly washed before you touch your eyes or you can get an eye infection.  If this happens call a Doctor for antibiotic drops.  You want to ice your eyes afterwards; this will help with comfort and reduce swelling.


full lip color 2 years laterLips

Lips look 50% darker immediately after the procedure.  So they will be 50% lighter once they have healed. On some people lips bleed a little bit.  I use a numbing cream that stops the bleeding.  Ice your lips afterwards.  I give you a color sealant to keep them moist for 5 days.  Your lips will be dry, so keep them moist for 2 weeks. Lips peal in 3-4 days.  This is normal.  After they peal they look really light.  It will look light for about two weeks, and then will slowly darken.  After about 4 weeks you will know what the color looks like.  Do not use soap, lotion, or makeup on that area for 5 days.  Don’t let any hot steam get in your face or it can pull the pigment out.  You can still take a warm shower but don’t do it too hot.  Stay out of the pool and don’t tan for 5 days.  Keep your makeup really moist.  You can wash your face with a warm wash cloth 3 times a day.  After 5 days, as long as you kept it moist, it will look really good by the fifth day.

I give you a color sealant to keep your lips moist for 5 days for the permanent makeup aftercare.  I also give you a white cream that reduces swelling and makes them peal in 2-3 days. Make sure you apply colloidal silver after they peal as part of your permanent makeup healing process.


After they peal they look really light.  Some clients call me at this point and say it didn’t work.  It then goes to a bright stage few days later.  Within 4 weeks they keep changing colors and slowly get darker.  Don’t judge them until the 4 weeks mark, after 4 weeks this is when they will stop changing colors and stay the same shade.


Throughout the year our natural lips go through light stages and red stages.  Your lips will still do this with them being done.  They will change colors; I have found that lipstick shades look better on me now that I have more color in my lips.  Most of the time I wear a clear lip gloss.  If I want a different shade I use sheer colors such as red if I want to match my outfits.  Your lips will already be lined so if you put a color on you only need to put it on the inside of your lips.  It’s so nice to have your lips done.


Permanent Makeup Aftercare


After receiving permanent makeup in Utah or whatever state you are in, DON’T use soap, lotion, or makeup on that area the makeup was applied as part of your permanent makeup treatment for 5 days after the procedure.  You can use colloidal silver to clean and wash the permanent makeup areas and to help speed up the permanent makeup healing process.



If your eyelashes are light I can dye them black.  Don’t let any hot steam get in your face or it can pull the pigment out.  You can still take a hot shower but don’t do it too hot.  Stay out of the pool for 5 days.  During this time stay in the shade when your outside and don’t go tanning.

Keep your makeup really moist because it scabs a makeup color and if they are moist the scabs just slide off.  Don’t pick any scabs or it will pull the color out.  You can wash your face with a warm wash cloth 3 times a day use colloidal silver to help limit the scabbing.  5 days after the permanent makeup treatment your makeup will look really good, as long as you followed the permanent makeup healing process procedures.


Let’s review

To make your makeup heal faster and prevent infection, buy colloidal silver.  It is a mineral that makes you heal faster.  It is also a natural antibiotic.  This is in31-LHDkPWeL liquid form. Put it on your eyeliner, lips, and brows before the gel or color sealant allow the colloidal silver to dry before applying sealant. Colloidal sliver will help limit scabbing; help prevent infection and aiding in keeping the area moist. You will need to keep the permanent makeup areas moist for 5 days.

You can also put some drops of colloidal silver in your eyes.  It is safe and has many healing properties.  Buy a high quality silver. Many of the brands out there are only 30 parts per million (ppm).  The one I recommend is 240 ppm, which is good for healing skin.  Silver cream is used in hospitals on burn victims because it makes them heal faster.  Google the many uses of silver.  The brand I recommend is on Amazon you can buy it through this link.





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