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Don’t get permanent makeup in Utah until you read this!

It is important to find a permanent makeup technician in Utah that does a quality job and is using quality pigments.  Some permanent makeup techniques only last 1-3 years, you will find that it doesn’t matter what state you live in some permanent cosmetics technicians don’t provide quality work.   It’s more worth your time and money to get a quality job that lasts 8-10 years.

The reason you want to have permanent cosmetics done is so you don’t have to worry about how you look. That’s why it’s important you find a makeup artist that knows what they are doing, so you look incredible when it’s all said and done.   Some pigments are better quality than others.  The pigment I use is organic and concentrated; it does not have iron oxides in it.  Pigments with iron oxides can fade funny colors such as pink or peach.  The pigment I use will last longer and fade a pretty color.


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I use a rotary pen instead of soft tap.  With a rotary pen I can do fine detail work that will look natural or if desired done up.  With this technique and high quality pigments your makeup will last 8-10 years.  When choosing an permanent cosmetic artist in Utah make sure you see photos of clients after they have been healed.  Some photos out there are immediately after and not when they are healed.  You want to see what the finished result looks like.  You can come with your eyeliner or eyebrows drawn on and I can go over the top of it so it’s exactly how you want it.  I am a perfectionist and do a thorough job.

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Unfortunately I have had to fix women that have gone somewhere else in Utah, their makeup either did not stay in or it was not perfect.  Some makeup artists when they do lips it looks blotchy because of the size pen they are using.  I have learned on my own what pen makes it look the best.  I use one size on the lip liner and blend it.  Then I use another size to fill in the rest of the lips.  The lips I do look smooth and consistent not blotchy.   Save time and money by going to someone that does a quality job that lasts a long time.

Some numbing creams out there do not work as well as others, I have tried many brands.  I found one that works really well.  I numb my clients for 15 minutes before I start.  Some of my clients do not feel anything the entire time and some say it tickles.  If you have a hard time numbing at the dentist I recommend asking your doctor for something to help with pain or relaxation.

I love having permanent makeup, I have had mine for 11 years and when it fades I will do it again.  You will love it too!

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