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What if I got a bad permanent makeup job?

crappy makup

Sadly, I have seen some bad permanent makeup jobs.  I have had some women come in with red eyebrows or pink eyeliner.  This is from cheap pigments.  I have done a lot of girls that went elsewhere and their makeup lasted less than a year.  Mine lasts 8-10 years.  I have seen women that come in whose eyeliner is not perfect.  The lines are not clean and they are jagged or too thick.



Sometimes they are too far below the bottom lash line.  In most cases it isbad makeup fixable and other times I refer them to a laser removal center.  Laser removal does work and I then have them come to me to do it perfect for them.


If this has happened to you, you can come in for a free consultation to find out what is the best step to take.  If your eyebrows or eyeliner has faded purple or blue, I have a color corrector that I can put on it.  If your eyebrows are too dark, I can make them lighter.  If your lips are too dark, blotchy, or not shaped well, I can fix that too.

bad permanent makeup





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