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Does permanent makeup hurt?

Does permanent makeup hurt?

There are many factors that will determine if getting permanent cosmetics will hurt.  Many of my clients numb very well with the topical anesthetics that I use.  I put on a numbing cream 15 minutes before we start.  I then use a stronger numbing cream throughout the procedure.  Many of my clients feel that they numbed very well and the procedure was a lot more comfortable than they thought it would be. Avoid caffeine and sugar the day of your procedure and you will numb better when you get your permanent cosmetics done.

Many of my clients don’t take any medications and still numb very well.  Do you have a hard time numbing at the dentist?  If so, you will most likely have a hard time numbing for permanent makeup.  I recommend asking your doctor for 10 mg of Valium or Xanex (muscle relaxer), and 10 mg of Lortab, Percocet, or Tramadol (pain killer).  Most of my clients doctors will give this to them if you tell them you are getting permanent makeup and just need 10 mg of each.

My clients that have taken this have numbed really well and were very comfortable. Some of them have slept through it.  I recommend you have someone drive you home if you take medication.  Some natural over-the-counter sedatives that help are melatonin, valerian root herb, lavender essential oil, and chamomile tea.  Clients that smoke or drink alcohol have a harder time numbing and say that it hurts to get permanent makeup done.

These clients numb well if they get medication from their doctor.  Some people say that permanent eyebrows hurt more and some say permanent eyeliner hurts more.  Some clients say that permanent lips hurt the most.  It is different with each person so there is not a set answer.  Everyone is different.  Do not take any ibuprofen, aspirin, or fish oil for seven days before your procedure.  It will make you bleed, swell, and your procedure will take longer.  After your procedure, take 800 mg of ibuprofen to reduce chances of swelling.  Eat prunes or food high in iron before you come.  This will thicken your blood and reduce your chances of swelling and bleeding.

When you get permanent eyeliner or permanent lips, ice the area immediately afterwards.  Overall, the numbing creams that I use work very well for permanent makeup and most of my clients numb really good and are comfortable without any medication.  Look at my pricing page to get more details about each procedure I offer.

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