Permanent Makeup Utah Tips

Permanent Makeup Training

There are a few different schools that train for permanent makeup in Utah.  Most of the schools are teaching a very basic permanent makeup class.  I teach a beginning and advanced class all in one.  This will save you time and money.  Most of the schools that I have found teach the soft tap method.  Soft tap is the ancient and outdated way of doing permanent makeup.  It is harder to be good at it.

Instead of letting the motorized pen do the work for you and get the deeper longer lasting permanent makeup that you want, soft tap is a manual tapping method that makes imperfect lines, takes twice as long for the procedure, and only lasts 1-3 years.  In my training I teach the rotary pen method.  The rotary pen is easier to be good at doing makeup and is made to do fine detail work.

You can make perfectly straight lines, and you can make it look natural.  The pen is really easy to work with.  The rotary pen goes deeper so the makeup will last 3 times longer than soft tap, typically 8-10 years.  We practice with the rotary pen method on 3-D practice skin of lips, brows, and eyes.  In my training you will watch me do eyes, lips, brows, and water line.  You will receive a training book that tells you how to do everything with really good makeup tips.

I teach how to market yourself, proper sanitation, and how to find a job. Some extra things that I teach that other schools don’t include tattooing the waterline, tattooing in between the eyelashes, how to connect eyeliner safely, three different ways to do eyebrows, and how to do a blended lip liner and full lip.  The tuition fee for your class includes a very nice, fully stocked $1500 kit.  On the last two days of class you will do two models’ eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips.  I will be right there with you to make sure you are doing it right.

When class is over, if you are not comfortable with a procedure, I work with you longer.  I also let my students watch me do more procedures after their training is over if they want.  I take training very seriously because my name stands for the highest quality permanent makeup.  With my name on your certification, I want to make sure you are good at doing permanent makeup.  My classes are fun, and I will do a thorough job training   you so that you can be good as well.  My classes book up fast so call or text me to  make your deposit  so you can be in my next class.

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