Permanent Makeup Utah Tips

Soft Tap or Rotary Pen?

Which is better for permanent makeup? Soft tap is a manual tool with 3-36 needles on the end that are hand tapped into your skin.  Absolute precision is required to achieve straight lines.  The depth that the ink is implanted can be inconsistent due to the level of pressure used with each tap.  This is why the results may look blotchy or have missing spots.  There are a few artists that are really good at soft tap.

In my experience, however, most lines that artists have done with soft tap are not perfect and even.  Very few permanent makeup artists can achieve straight lines with soft tap.  The rotary pen is made to do fine detail work.  It is a motorized pen that is less damaging for your skin, goes deeper, and is more precise. The pen does all the work so the artist does not need to use a lot of pressure.  Soft tap is how tattoos were performed anciently.  The rotary pen is the more advanced and longer lasting method.  Permanent makeup with soft top only lasts one to three years.

I have seen many women that have had their makeup only last a year with soft tap. Permanent make up with the rotary pen will last 8 to 10 years. In my experience I have heard the rumor that soft tap looks more natural than rotary pen.  This is simply not true.  In fact, you can get very natural looking makeup with the rotary pen and it will last longer.

Soft tap generally takes 2 to 3 hours for each procedure. The rotary pen generally takes 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours for each procedure.  The longer it takes to get your permanent makeup done, the more uncomfortable you will be.  The longer it takes, the more rough it will be for your skin.  I believe the reason why there are still a lot of artists using soft tap is because this is what most schools are still teaching, most likely to have repeat customers that will need to return more frequently.

Also, I have learned in my experience most artists who use the soft tap method are also using the cheaper iron oxide pigments that fade faster.  Many iron oxide pigments fade pink or red.  Also, with soft tap you cannot connect eyeliner or tattoo in the eyelashes.  With the Rotary pen you can due to the precision of the artwork.

It is more worth your time and money to get the rotary pen method.  You will get a better quality looking makeup job and it will last a lot longer.  Look at my photo gallery to see the results that the rotary pen method can give. Call or text Cristianne for an appointment.  801-372-1680

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