Permanent Makeup Utah Tips

Bad Permanent Makeup Job?

If you have gotten a bad permanent makeup job, it can be corrected. Have your eyebrows faded purple or pink? Did your eyeliner fade blue?
Have your lips turned purple? Is your eyeliner too thick? Does your eyeliner look like it has a smudge? Maybe they put your eyebrows in the wrong spot? Are the colors too dark? All of this can be corrected or removed. I can do color corrections on you and you can get the look you originally wanted.  I have fixed many people who do not love the permanent makeup job they got from going somewhere else. For instance, if someone’s eyebrows are pink, I put a color corrector over the top. Then I put the desired color on top of that. It works really well. Sometimes this has to be done twice for it to look the best. I do charge my normal price if you are not previously my client to do these corrections. It is actually more work doing color corrections. Once you are my client, you can do a color boost in the future for half price.  If you have spots that need to be removed, I recommend the Laser Gateway Center in Salt Lake City.  It only takes them a minute to remove it, and it will look like you never had it. You can lighten or darken any colors that have been implanted.
I also use the most advanced professional numbing creams and techniques in the field.  I specialize in doing natural Permanent Makeup. Call or text me (801) 372-1680 today to get the look you want.

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