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Permanent Eyebrows Brush Stroke

Brush Stroke Eyebrows
Permanent makeup eyebrowsI specialize in doing natural Permanent eyebrows. There are a lot of people that are asking about brushstroke eyebrows. I can do this, however I have come up with my own technique that looks better than just a brushstroke eyebrow. When you get brushstroke eyebrows, over time it can look jaggedy or like someone messed up on your eyebrow. A brushstroke eyebrow also looks better on girls that have dark hair. eyebrow hair is so thin, that it is hard to make brushstroke eyebrows look as thin as real hair. The technique that I have come up with I call a brushstroke fill. I think this looks great, I like to fill in your eyebrows with a lighter color than your hair so it looks really natural. Then on the edges I do little brushstrokes. I also fuzz the edges so that it won’t look like a drawn on eyebrow. The color fades off. They look so beautiful, and the girls that I have done get so many compliments. Some compliments that many of my clients have gotten are that they look 10 years younger now. Eyebrows are my specialty, I love to shape eyebrows. Even great eyebrows look even better with my Permanent makeup technique.  That being said, I can also do brushstroke eyebrows for you if you desire. I would love to create a beautiful look for you. Call or text (801) 372-1680 to make your appointment.  I would love to give you beautifully shaped eyebrows.

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