Permanent Makeup Utah Tips

Permanent Makeup Aftercare

permanent makeup after care


Keep your procedure area moist with the ointment we provide for the first week.  Avoid makeup on that area for that week.  If you have to wear makeup, make sure it is brand new. Using makeup too early can cause an infection. Only touch the procedure area with freshly clean hands or q-tips.

You can wash the procedure area lightly 3-5 times a day with only water and a washcloth.  Rinse your eyes with saline if needed. Spray the area with colloidal silver ( this helps cells repair faster and prevents infection). Colloidal silver can be sprayed in your eyes and on the area 7 times a day. Put your ointment on 7 times a day. If you run out of the one I give you, you can use Aquafor, Bag Balm, A&D ointment, or Unpetroleum Jelly. Your makeup does scab and with keeping it moist, the scabs will slide off.  It’s normal to have some color or scabs come off every time you wash your face.  Do not use hot water, lotion, or soap for the first week.

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