Permanent Makeup Utah Tips


Permanent Makeup After Care Instructions:

  • Eyes: Keep ointment on eyes. Apply with Q-tip or a clean finger, once every hour for 7 days. Wash your eyes with saline solution twice a day to avoid an infection. Using silver helps to the reduce chance of infection.
  • Eyebrows: Apply ointment with a Q-tip once every hour for 7 days or as often as needed. Keep the area as moist as possible for two weeks. If the ointment is itchy, switch to vitamin E instead.
  • Lips: Apply ointment on lips once every hour for 7 days. Keep lips as moist as possible for two weeks.
  • Silver: Using colloidal silver 5-7 times a day for one week will help your makeup heal faster and prevent infection. Use a Q-tip to apply and put a drop in your eyes once a day. I recommend the Silver Mountain Minerals brand. It is available for purchase on my website:


  • No make-up of any kind may be applied to any procedures for the first 7 days following the procedure. Use new make-up if you have to.
  • Apply ice after the procedure for 15 minutes and then take it off for 15 minutes following. Repeat this process for 1.5 hours. You may want to do this the next morning as well. Brow’s don’t need to be iced.
  • 800 mg of Ibuprofen may be taken to reduce swelling
  • Do not go swimming and avoid exposure to steam or tanning for the first seven days following a procedure
  • Do not use soap or lotion on the affected area for seven days following a procedure. You may use a slightly warm washcloth and lightly wash the procedure area 5 times a day.
  • Do not pick scabs or the pigment will come out. Do not use Neosporin; it will pull the pigment out.
  • After 10 days wear sunscreen daily to prevent fading
  • It is normal for the procedure area to scab, the colors to fade or appear blotchy, and look too light when color comes off. The color will return to the ideal shade within 3 weeks.


Eyeliner: Eyeliner will appear 10% darker and thicker than it will be in the future. Keep the area moist and the scabs will slide off in 5-7 days. Swelling of the eyes may increase the next morning. Immediately treat with ice. Sleeping in an elevated position helps reduce swelling. Any swelling generally lasts for 2-3 days. Any bruising generally lasts 2-5 days. Vitamin K reduces the chances of swelling and bruising. If you experience pain in your eyeball, keep your eyes closed and wear sunglasses. Some people are able to work immediately, but most people take 2 days off work. Allow 2 weeks for eyeliner results. Eyeliner touchups are not always needed. For waterline, you will need a touchup to achieve best results. For serious eye pain, call Cristianne at 801-995-8458.


Eyebrows: Eyebrows will appear 20% darker after they are done. They will also look thicker than they will be in the future. They will appear really drawn on for the first 5 days. After they peel in 5-10 days, they will look a lot lighter and softened. Most small flaws that may appear in the first 5 days go away after they are healed.  Brows change a lot of colors in the first 2 weeks. It is normal for them to appear yellow, orange, green, or red. These colors usually disappear after 2 weeks and heal to a neutral color. The brows will look light in spots until the end of the 3rd week. You will know the color, shape, and results in 3 weeks. Eyebrows will have some missing spots so touchup will be needed for best results. Eyebrows are also dry for two weeks. Keep them as moist as possible and use silver to decrease recovery time.


Lips: Lips will appear 50% darker after they are done. There may be swelling and bruising. Sleeping in an elevated position helps reduce swelling. Immediately treat with ice for as long as you can. Keep lips as moist as possible and they will peel in 3-5 days.  The inner lip will sluff off first and the liner last. Avoid picking any last scabs as it will take the pigment out. Lips will appear white for 2 weeks (without much color) after they peel.  By the end of the 4th week, all the color will be fully developed and will show the results. Lips will be dry for 2 weeks. Keep them as moist as possible and use silver to help them heal faster.  You will have a few missing spots so a touchup is needed for best results. A color change is possible for the cost of $100 and must be completed within the first year.