Frequently asked question

Q: Can I get the exact color I want?

A: I have several colors to choose from.  If you have a favorite color bring it in and I can match it.

Q: Does the procedure hurt?

A: There are several topical anesthetics if you need one, I use the best numbing creams available. I numb you for 15 minutes before I start. I also have discovered a numbing technique that works really well. If you are on your period, you may be more sensitive. Caffeine and sugar will stimulate the nerves so it should be avoided the day before and the day of the procedure. If you have a hard time numbing at the dentist office, it is recommended to take 10mg of valium and or 10mg of percocet. Ask your doctor for a prescription.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

A: One hour

Q: How long does permanent make up last?

A:  The permanent makeup that I do lasts 8-10 years.  I use concentrated organic pigments that make it last longer.  I use the rotary pen method which goes deeper and lasts longer.  I encourage my clients to get a color boost to darken their colors back up after 5-7 years. 

Q: How many appointments are necessary for a procedure?

A:  Normally one appointment for the procedure.  If you need a touchup its $30 within the first 6 months.  I recommend waiting 6-8 weeks to get a touchup.  Eyebrows and lips usually do need a touchup.

Q: Is permanent make-up like a regular tattoo?

A: No, it is similar to the same procedure but is not as deep as a regular tattoo so therefore it is not completely permanent. The equipment I use is made for fine detail work. It is recommended to do makeup that looks natural and enhances your natural beauty.

Q: What if I don’t like the makeup anymore?

A: I can lighten, darken, or change the color. You can also get it removed with a laser.

Q: What type of procedures do you do?

A: Eyebrows, hair strokes, eyeliner top and bottom,waterline, eyelash enhancement, lip liner and blend, full lips color, skin camouflage and beauty marks.

Q: Will there be swelling after the procedures?

A: Some people swell and some don’t.  If you do swell it only lasts for 3 days. After your procedure you can take 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I recommend icing the area after your procedure for comfort and to reduce swelling.

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