Permanent Makeup Utah Tips

Makeup for your personality

Brow, Eyeliner, Lips
Brow, Eyeliner, Lips

I love choosing colors and creating a look for you that fits your personality. I’ve been doing makeup this way since 2013. It’s crazy how accurate it is. Before I studied this, I didn’t understand why black eyeliner didn’t look good on everyone. I have read many books on this and studied this extensively. When your makeup colors and shapes in makeup matches your personality, you will love it more. It will also look the best on you. When someone has a natural sweet looking face. I would not want to put harsh makeup on them. So I like to keep it more natural. Some women have a model look to them, so they look great with classic colors. And can go more BOLD. When your makeup matches your personality, you get more compliments, look more beautiful. You’ll also love the results. I am really good at figuring out your colors usually within five minutes of meeting you. My clients that I have done this on so far, are so ecstatic and happy with the results. We also take in account your skin tones, shapes in your face, overall energy, and appearance. We are the only one’s that I know of that do make up like this. You won’t find anyone like us. We also use the highest quality of everything, so your results will look the best. We love to help you feel and look more beautiful. Come get a free consultation or make an appointment with us.

Permanent Makeup Aftercare

  Keep your procedure area moist with the ointment we provide for the first week.  Avoid makeup on that area for that week.  If you have to wear makeup, make sure it is brand new. Using makeup too early can cause an infection. Only touch the procedure area with freshly clean hands or q-tips. You… Continue Reading

How to prepare before you get permanent makeup done

Don’t drink any caffeine or have sugar the morning of your procedure as this makes your nerve endings more sensitive and prevents you from numbing as well. Don’t take any Ibuprophen, fish oil, or Aspirin for 10 days before you come as these products thin out your blood, which will make you bleed.  Permanent makeup… Continue Reading

Permanent Eyebrows Brush Stroke

Brush Stroke Eyebrows I specialize in doing natural Permanent eyebrows. There are a lot of people that are asking about brushstroke eyebrows. I can do this, however I have come up with my own technique that looks better than just a brushstroke eyebrow. When you get brushstroke eyebrows, over time it can look jaggedy or… Continue Reading

Bad Permanent Makeup Job?

If you have gotten a bad permanent makeup job, it can be corrected. Have your eyebrows faded purple or pink? Did your eyeliner fade blue? Have your lips turned purple? Is your eyeliner too thick? Does your eyeliner look like it has a smudge? Maybe they put your eyebrows in the wrong spot? Are the… Continue Reading

Does permanent makeup hurt?

Does permanent makeup hurt? There are many factors that will determine if getting permanent cosmetics will hurt.  Many of my clients numb very well with the topical anesthetics that I use.  I put on a numbing cream 15 minutes before we start.  I then use a stronger numbing cream throughout the procedure.  Many of my… Continue Reading

Permanent Makeup Training

There are a few different schools that train for permanent makeup in Utah.  Most of the schools are teaching a very basic permanent makeup class.  I teach a beginning and advanced class all in one.  This will save you time and money.  Most of the schools that I have found teach the soft tap method.… Continue Reading

Soft Tap or Rotary Pen?

Which is better for permanent makeup? Soft tap is a manual tool with 3-36 needles on the end that are hand tapped into your skin.  Absolute precision is required to achieve straight lines.  The depth that the ink is implanted can be inconsistent due to the level of pressure used with each tap.  This is… Continue Reading

What if I got a bad permanent makeup job?

Sadly, I have seen some bad permanent makeup jobs.  I have had some women come in with red eyebrows or pink eyeliner.  This is from cheap pigments.  I have done a lot of girls that went elsewhere and their makeup lasted less than a year.  Mine lasts 8-10 years.  I have seen women that come… Continue Reading