Permanent Makeup Classes in Utah

I have been teaching permanent makeup classes in Utah Since 2006.  It is a fun and exciting career.  I have loved my job and the women I get to work with.  In my class you will get beginning and advanced training.  I teach the Rotary pen method which I have found to be more precise to do fine detail work. It is easier to be good at this method than soft tap and Rotary pen lasts longer.  I will teach you how to do brush stroke eyebrows, filled in eyebrows, thin and thick eyeliner, eyelash enhancements, how to connect eyeliner, tattoo the waterline, full lip color, and blended lip color.  Most schools teach only the basics.  My makeup class is a 3 day course. We practice on simulated 3D skin first.  You will do two models’ eyeliner, lips, and eyebrows.  This class will train you and I will give you a certificate.  Right now there is no licensing in Utah. They are working on the licensing so it will be coming sometime soon.  Anyone that is certified before the licensing will be grandfathered in. When they do have licensing it will cost more and you will have to have more hours. I recommend learning soon.

permanent makeup classesI have learned over the years a numbing method that works really well. I teach how to go in the eyelashes with every eyeliner, tricks to making it look perfect, methods for making the makeup last longer, and how to market yourself. You will receive a manual that is very helpful. In my course I include

a $1,000 kit that has everything you need to start working right after the course. The kit includes 2 pens, the most popular colors that I use all the time, all sanitation supplies, 40 pack replacement parts for your pen, all the numbing creams, a beautiful portable case to hold everything in and much more.  I give you the highest quality supplies that I use in my kit too. I go to many suppliers to put your kit together so it is easy for you with catalogs and resources for replacements. My course is $3,700 which is $1,000 more than other schools, but they don’t include the $1,500 kit that I do. Their students have to purchase all supplies after finishing, which is more costly and time consuming. Call me for more details.

I am doing permanent makeup classes for only $3,500. To guarantee you get the $400 discount, book your spot today. There is a $1,000 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot in the class, the 1,000 pays for your makeup kit.  The remainder of the money is due on the first day of class.




Advanced permanent make up class $999.

For permanent make up artists that are wanting an advanced training. With this class, you are able to shadow me for a few days, you will also do models with The new techniques. To make sure your technique is The best. I also offer this for girls that do the soft top method and are wanting to learn the rotary pen method. In this class you will learn 3-D brush stroke eyebrows, how to do a water line, connect eyeliner, do a blended lip liner, choosing colors, the best numbing techniques, and how to color correct. You will get catalogs for ordering products. I also offer a kit that includes all of my favorite pigments, advanced numbing creams, and 2 digital permanent make up machines. Text me if you’re interested in this class. I only have  one opening left.
Text Cristianne Casper  801-995-8458 to get your spot.

I took the Permanent Make-up course from Cristianne in September of 2013.

I have been a practicing Master Esthetician for over 5 years and wanted to enhance my menu of services.  I had a lot of clients asking if I was doing permanent make-up, and when I wasn’t I figured it was time to learn.

I researched a LOT of different options with learning permanent make-up; from beauty schools to technical colleges.  I found Cristianne’s website and was impressed from the beginning.  I looked at her portfolio of her work and immediately knew I had to learn from her.

 The cost of her course in comparison to others can’t be beat.  The kit that you get gives you EVERYTHING you need to get your career in permanent makeup off to a great start.  You receive high quality pigments and tools.  When I finished the class I had everything I needed to get going right away.  I felt so confident in my ability after the course that I had appointments scheduled before my last day of class was even over.

 Because of the methods and attention to detail that I learned in class, my clientele is booming.  I am getting SO many referrals from clients that I have done permanent make-up on.  In the beauty industry, there is no greater compliment that that of a client referral.  I know that I owe it all to Cristianne and everything she taught me.  I have had several people come in to have ME fix work from OTHER permanent makeup artists.  I am so grateful that I learned to do things the RIGHT way and not to take short cuts

Cristianne is definitely an expert in this industry.   She is friendly, knowledgable, and goes above and beyond what an instructor typically would.  She was so nice to answer my questions even after the class was over and to reassure me when I was hesitant about things.

Not only is Cristianne a fantastic permanent makeup artist and instructor, I am honored to call her a mentor and friend.

If you are thinking about a career in  permanent makeup, you will find that there are a lot of options.  If you want to BE the best, you need to LEARN from the best, and Cristianne Casper is just that.